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ActionCOACH TransforMarketer Team Hiring!

Our Vision

Simplify the marketing for ActionCOACH Firms, business coaches and their clients, keep them fit and updated for the new future, create a transformarketers crew on the planet to disrupt the marketing mindset of the businesses.

Who is a TransforMarketer?

TransforMarketer is the person who has the generalist approach about all areas of new generation marketing so called inbound marketing. All areas of inbound marketing such as web design, performance marketing, social media, SEO, content creation, email marketing, vlogs, blogs will be a Transformarketer’s playground to learn.

Mindset of a TransforMarketer?

  • Proactive,
  • Addicted to collaborative intelligence,
  • Challenger,
  • Dream-builder,
  • Global thinker,
  • Local actor,
  • Systemizer
  • Always happy to grow together.


What Are The Benefits Of Attending The TransforMarketer Team?

  • You will be working with a multinational client base and you will create your content for our French Clients.
  • You will get the chance to find your passion by experiencing all inbound marketing processes as well as content creation
  • You will improve yourself by taking on responsibilities in the field you are passionate about, and at the same time, you will have the opportunity to implement your own projects.
  • You will be part of a community that has presence in more than 70 countries globally, and by joining the TransforMarketer team,
  • You will become a part of a dynamic team that is constantly learning, and you will become your best self.
  • You will have an advisory board with competencies in different fields and benefit from the experience.



Content Creator like Digital Journalist (Business and Human)
Content Marketing is one of the most powerful strategies that a company uses to engage with their clients and create a human to human relationship.

One of the critical points of making a difference in content marketing is to master the dynamics of the company and to have a mindset that will turn visitors into potential clients. As a Transformarketer, with our website, blogs, social media and weekly newsletters, we say “content is the king” and we are looking for teammates who can transfer our content to the market in the most accurate way so that a structure that benefits both our visitors and customers can continue steadily.


  • Writing SEO friendly blog posts, articles, researching topics and keywords for blog articles. (in French and English)
  • Proofread, re-structure and edit articles (in French and English)
  • Craft and send our weekly newsletters  (in French)
  • Copywriting in terms of shorter forms,
  • Assisting in other translation- and content-driven projects that the team is tasked with.
  • Using Digital marketing tools such as Ubersuggest, Canva, Zoho, and complementaries.
  • Monitoring and reporting the content creation performance.



  • Read and speak French at native level and English at advanced level.
  • Creative French and English writing skills and doing editorial editing in French. (French has to be in native level).
  • Very keen on and passionate about researching  global sources, interested in the business world.
  • Have passion to improve yourself and target to be an outstanding transformarketer.
  • Like to actively follow and present business news, create valuable content for business owners that influences people with creative ideas.
  • Willingness to take part in and contribute to teamwork.
  • Hardworking, creative and responsible.
  • Having a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Journalism, Communications, Sociology or related field.
  • Min 2 Years experience in content creation, writing, editing ( Even you are about to graduate or recently graduated)

If you are excited to learn new things with a global team we’d love to see you at our ActionCOACH TransforMarketer Team.

We are waiting for you! Come and Join Us!

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